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Who  We  Are


Mixed Nuts inc.


Since 1986, Mixed Nuts Inc. has been processing, dry roasting, and packaging a full line of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits in Los Angeles, California. All of our products are rigorously inspected and carefully chosen from only the finest suppliers. All domestic raw nuts are brought directly from growers. Our imported products are all brought from the main source in their country of origin.

Our own in-house state of the art roasting and packaging provides the flexibility and consistency to provide a vast variety of products. Our well known Premium Orchard brand, as well as many popular private label brands, upholding our high standards of quality and freshness makes us a superior, direct, and single-source competitive supplier.  All products are sold both in bulk and retail packages (3 oz. to 32 oz. resealable, stand-up pouches). Packaging is fully automated and bags are flushed with nitrogen gas for extended shelf life.


Premium Orchard


Our Premium Orchard brand has been a vital component to the success of Mixed Nuts Inc. Specifically, we are well known for our dry roasting and flavoring for a variety of mixes. From our best selling pumpkin seeds to our healthy and delicious trail mixes, our products abide by top standards of quality, consistency, and specialty. We continuously strive to improve production and offer superior quality, while maintaining the highest standards in food quality and safety. We are Kosher and HACCP certified. We have also been inspected and certified by third party reputable agencies. Quality is our primary commitment. We guarantee freshness and proudly represent all our products.

We welcome the opportunity to establish a lasting relationship with both our current and future suppliers and customers. We value our loyal customers who help Premium Orchard thrive and bring value to why we do what we do. 

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