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The Road To Quality

Our Process

From farm to table...


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Many of our delicious ingredients are locally sourced from California, Oregon, and Texas. Our ingredients are also sourced from top of the line suppliers from countries around the globe, including Bulgaria, Thailand, Turkey, and more. All items go through rigorous inspections and are carefully chosen from only the finest suppliers, making us a direct single source competitive supplier. We choose from the best growers on the coast and around the world to solidify that our customers receive the best products made from high quality ingredients. The ingredients are not only of the highest quality but are also very fresh! 

Examining Crops
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Dry Roasting

Our dry roasting process aligns with our goal to provide our customers with healthy, quality goods. Dry roasting indicates that the ingredients are not fried but instead roasted without oil or added preservatives. Rather than eliminating essential nutrients by frying the nuts such as during the oil roasting process, dry roasting ensures its healthy nutrients and fresh flavors remain intact. The latter is what differentiates Mixed Nuts Inc. from many of our competitors in that we prioritize quality over ease. After roasting, natural ingredients, such as sea salt and dried chili, are used for flavoring, creating a balanced and exquisite product. This key, unique process provides our consumers with a wholesome and natural experience that leaves them feeling good.  

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State of the Art


Our in-house packaging  process is State-of-the-Art, ensuring that the quality of its content is maintained and delivered both safely and promptly. At our final stages of our comprehensive process, from grower to you,  our goods penetrate an X-Ray machine to detect and remove any foreign metals, glass or rocks prior to boxing. We package our products both for our well known Premium Orchard Brand and private label.


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